As I read books, I always find quotes that I want to remember. In the past, I have made an effort to dog-ear pages in hopes that I would someday go back and review those parts. However, I don’t find that I do that. And if I check out a book from the library, I don’t have this option.

My new process is to upload quotes from these books to this blog. This way I can easily find the quotes for any given book, and I can search them all. This should be a great resource for me over the years. And because it’s posted online, others may find it useful. Indeed, if you do find it useful, please leave me a comment.


2 responses to “About

  1. Hello,

    I found your blog as a result of an alert I have for the phrase “consultant satisfaction.” It pointed me to your posting on “project management with the 80/20 principle.

    The conclusion of the author — whom I have not read, is consistant with my own experience.

    BTW, I see no mention anywhere on your blog of who you are. Is that a secret? Given the three books listed, one could assume that you might be involved in IT. From what type of books will you be posting blurbs?

    Regards, Bob Brown

  2. Thanks for your comment. For now I want to remain anonymous. I’m not sure why. 🙂 I’m a PhD student. I have been reading books lately partially to help my own productivity as a researcher and partially for leisure. I’ll probably include quotes from a variety of areas, including self-help, biology, medicine, IT/programming, religion, etc. because those are my main interests.

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