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Setting Group Goals

To achieve true consensus on group goals, there is no better method than having the group set the goals itself.


Soft Spoken Leadership

It is easier to exert leadership over programmers by being a soft-spoken programming wizard than by being the world’s fastest-talking salesman.

Leadership Requires Reluctance

One of the paradoxes of leadership is simply this: only the leader who is ready to step down has a real chance of success.

Small Methods / Functions Are Better

There is tiny overhead for having lots of small methods versus having longer methods.

Keep Method Signatures Simple

With objects you don’t pass in everything the method needs; instead you pass enough so the method can get to everything it needs.

Accommodating Code Changes

A fundamental rule of thumb is to put things together that change together, but there are exceptions.

Add Unit Test When Bug Is Found

When a bug is found, you should always add a unit test that exposes the bug.