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How To Make A Great Speech

“Most folks are lousy public speakers. Why? The reason is simple. Most people concentrate on the small, trivial things of speaking at the expense of the big, important things…The real test of a speaker is not did he stand straight or did he make any mistakes in grammar, but rather did the audience get the points he wanted to put across. Most of our top speakers have petty defects…yet all these successful public speakers have one thing in common. They have something to say and they feel a burning desire for other people to hear it.” (p. 77)


Soft Spoken Leadership

It is easier to exert leadership over programmers by being a soft-spoken programming wizard than by being the world’s fastest-talking salesman.

Leadership Requires Reluctance

One of the paradoxes of leadership is simply this: only the leader who is ready to step down has a real chance of success.